Social Justice Warriors: Eroding America


Social Justice Warriors are the new Hippies of yesteryear. However, at least the 1970's had a cause that made some sense. Make love; not war... was at least something that was laced in reason and argument. But SJW's have no idea what they are fighting for in the end. No demands, no organization, no vision. Moreover, they have plenty of time, money, and energy to be ever-present – judging society. The following episodes capture the movement in all of its splendor. Enjoy.

Episode #115: Burger King goes the way of old school marketeers. Jeep and Bruce Springsteen clean up. Joe Biden first 90 days and 5 failed promises from the campaign trail. COVID relief bill should be the NYCA relief bailout fund. Welfare States get billions in relief. Tonight brought to you by “Those Wonderful Folks Who Brought You Pearl Harbor.”

Episode #113: Dr. Seuss has been cancelled. I come out of the gates swinging with a “Woke” version of Green Eggs and Ham that you must hear! Tonight I dive into Bill Burr, comedians, authors, life lessons from Dr. Seuss, and expose the hypocrisy of the Leftists. Don’t miss this episode on an all new episode of Don’t Unfriend Me.

Episode #110: An honest and penetrating look into the role-reversal and reverse sexism in America today. I dive into the hypocrisy of Mr. Potato Head no longer being called a Mister. Hasbro has decided to virtue-signal a 70 year old toy and I let you know what I think! This one is funny, true, and bound to ruffle a few feathers. Enjoy!

Episode #100: The 100th episode is special... and this isn't one of them. So instead I poiont out the hypocrisy of leftists calling Trump a Nazi without being cancelled. Is the Mandolorian (Pascal) next?

Episode #20: We made it to 20 episodes! After a brief reprieve from shellacking the masses on Facebook... someone decides to decrease the collective IQ of the planet. Miss Gayle "Karen" Terrible attacks the legitimacy of ACB and the SCOTUS pick. All the while, ignoring doctrine and precedent demonstrated by the Democrats over the last 20 years.

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