Reeducation System: Leftist Ideology in Education

We’ve heard it all before. “Our schools are failing.” “We need more money for education.” “It’s for the children, the future of our country.” But, no matter how much money we throw at the situation, it never seems to improve. The lottery didn’t save us. The children are not learning basic skills. Schools are unable to meet the “No Child Left Behind” goals and it is time to "do-away" with the Teachers Union.


Episode #106: Teachers decide to trash parents on a live call that was recording. Dr. Fauci decides to change his mask narrative again… for the 5th time. Weathermen are snake-oil salesman. Lastly, Ted Cruz decides to take a trip during one of the worst weather events in Texas history.

Episode #94: The Chicago Teachers Union has struck again and has released a ridiculous video that is torture. My family gets involved and decides to do a response video. Please enjoy and laugh out loud... its completely American and acceptable.

Episode #75: Massachusetts decides abortions are approved for 16 year olds without parents consent. Pelosi and McConnell have house party and someone brought a pig head. AAAAAAAAAaaaa-woman! Lastly, teacher gets tan... kids can shut their pasty asses up!

Episode #55: Satan Claus ruins Christmas for a child. Teachers are entering the political stage and forget that their job is educating children... not the masses.

Episode #41: Rudy Giuliani hold a press conference and blow up the narrative. I dive into a topic that is bound to ruffle some feathers: Distance Learning and how it is harming our children.

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