Political Satire: A Little Lite Syrup

Political satire is satire that specializes in gaining entertainment from politics; it has also been used with subversive intent where political speech and dissent are forbidden by a regime, as a method of advancing political arguments where such arguments are expressly forbidden.


Episode #74: I go through the entire year, day-by-day. Nobody is safe as I take shots at everyone in view. A toungue-in-cheek diatribe about the worst year... until tomorrow. Enjoy and have a safe night!

Episode #61: The NFL needs to alter and/or change every name and mascot. SJW's attack and strike against the Cleveland Indians and they buckled. Pat Tillman is the Veteran Focus, and a funny montage to the renaming of teams.

Episode #00: Well, here we go. America is up in arms yet again. It just wouldn't be a day that ended in "Y" without some sort of continental meltdown. Whether you love Christopher Columbus or fall on the side of indigenous people, I am sure to offend both parties in this latest rant. Stop hating each other, and celebrate your mutual hate for me. I am here for you. Like, share and follow please... and hug a Veteran today.

Episode #1: 5 minutes on the clock, 2 minutes per side, and a one minute decision. This episode we discuss the Twisted Tea beatdown at the gas station. Strong language, strong tea, strong ass-whooping.

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