Election 2020: The Indisputable Truth

Nearly three in five Americans don’t have confidence in the honesty of our elections, a February Gallup poll found. Republicans, Democrats, state officials, grandmothers, first-time voters, the politically engaged, the anti-institutionalists—pretty much the only thing they could agree on was their doubts about the integrity of our democracy.


Episode #27: Folks, I go through the conspiracy theories, help bring a message of hope, and help you dig-in for the long game. 20 years ago it took 48 days for one state, this time it might be even longer.

Episode #28: Now that the dust has settled... I'm joking it is a dust devil the size of Oklahoma. Sharpies! Sharpies! Sharpies! Vans full of votes, an old lady gets forced on stage without so much as one question being asked. We need to take a different stance... and I cover what we need to win.

Episode #34: A step by step walkthrough from a clever gentlemen, and another guy. Just kidding the video is actually very accurate and dives into the complexity well of the electorate. I assist in a few parts to help the process along. Let's get ready to go back to school!

Episode #38: Do you remember the Democratic Primaries? Do you remember the swing states that had issues with ballots and counting? Well I remind you and show you how this was all in the tea leaves 9 months before it did happen. Fraud is one thing, ineptitude is worse.

Episode #39: Wide range of topics with no particular pattern. We dive into college and is it a waste of money? Election legal battle is heating up. Netflix and chill or Netflix and shill... us out of money? Censorship is a growing concern as Facebook and Twatter slapped on Capitol Hill!

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