Big Tech Muzzle: Censorship and Content Control

By using the Internet, we are the “users” by default and for Big Tech, the product being “sold”. The recent fiasco of data protection is born out of 20 years of an unregulated industry that has led to clear-cut crimes and pervading the personal lives of billions.


Episode #83: Jack Dorsey forgets that everything on the internet is eternal. I find an old video from 2016 where Jack Dorsey denounces censorship on Twitter. Watch the hypocrisy and private Project Veritas video.

Episode #80: With Apple once asking people to "Think Different" they are now admonishing and censoring those that are not aligned with their beliefs. A desperate overreach is happening and I tell you why.

Episode #66: Well, the Dems and Repubs decide on an OMNIBUSTed Bill for 2021 and call it COVID relief. Facebook is gearing up for war with Apple. And Alternate Electorate chances of success?

Episode #00: Out of context? Facebook, you're out of order! Context is a human trait, not a computer algorithm. Censorship is an ever-present reality in todays digital world. There are zero consequences for Facebook or any other social media giant. The scales are tipped to one sides favor, and everyday, more and more liberties are quashed in an effort to save our 'free elections'. Is that really the reason? Or is it something more sinister and corrupt. Let's discuss!

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