28APR21 | Critical Race Theory debunked - John “Fonda” Kerry - Our Gun Rights is headed to SCOTUS

Episode #144: Critical Race Theory is designed to never end. It is an alternative reality that is seeded in its own racist demagoguery. More States are challenging these teachings and are standing up to its damaging teachings.

SCOTUS is listening to its first gun rights case in over 10 years. This case has the chance to mold policy for a generation to come. With 3 gun advocates now on the bench (thanks to Donald Trump) Constitutionalists are primed for a shift in the fight against gun control.

John Kerry is a man of few admirable qualities. Now the “Fed “is hunting Mayor Giuliani in an effort to overshadow Kerry and his continued treachery against the United Stats. His hatred towards his military brothers and sisters is on full-display over his career in this episode.

All new tonight on Don’t Unfriend Me!

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