26APR21 | Lebron is wrong. Tyler Perry Message. House seats lost. What is a man?

Episode #143: LeBron James has an opinion… again. It isn’t about hoe China is great, it is about his other profession, disrespecting the police force. Hear what a well known officer has to say and it is not only moving, but transformational, if Lebron actually listens.

How do you know a man is a man? With the emergence of sensitivity training and masculine males being hunted to extinction. Here is a surefire way to uncover where you stand in the hunter gatherer sense.

Tyler Perry shocks the Oscars with a message of humility, grace and poise. This is a must listen by all of the DUMMIES. We can all take note and learn something.

Lastly, The Census is in, and the red states are seeing a push and the blue states are seeing an exodus. Why? What is causing these trends to flip on their ear. Is this a sign of things to come? Will this impact the election? I walk you through the results.

All new tonight on Don’t Unfriend Me!

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