25MAY21 | Drag Queen & grade school kids. Social Media censorship. Have we always coveted speech.

Episode #158: New York Board of Education promotes Drag Queens singing songs to 3-6 year old in New York schools. I share the terrifying video that is an abuse of makeup regulations across the land. Is this healthy? Is this acceptable? If so, why did they take it down? I have it here tonight.

Ron DeSantis takes a stand against Social Media sites. Florida has become the Freedom State allowing its citizens to sue for “ deplatforming” up to $100,000. This will surely spread across Red States and even some Blue States as this type of censorship is across the board.

Has Freedom of Speech truly been the bastion of light that we make it out to be throughout history? I review the censorship culture that has been around longer than it hasn’t…and is now making its way back in a hurry. This show dives into the fray and is a fast paced overview of the 1st Amendment.

Tonight on an all new Don’t Unfriend Me.

#DeSantis #FreeSpeech #dragqueeneducation

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