23APR21 | This one gets heated! Another shooting and systemic racism are on the docket.

Episode #141: The trolls should love this one as I break down the Ma’Khia Bryant shooting. And how it is 100% justified. A slow-mo uncovers the timeframe the officer had to make a split second decision. He should be receiving a medal, instead of accusations of racism.

The Raise the Roof event was an amazing success. Stiilpoint came out and I share the heartfelt news clip that captured the event. Truly a testament to the honor and sacrifice the Gold Star Mothers have to face.

Lastly, I rip systemic racism apart and show you why this billion dollar industry is the opposite of what the liberal media pretend it is in America today.

I must warn you I use some language and get pretty heated. Enjoy!

All new tonight on Don’t Unfriend Me!

#IWeNeedYou #BacktheBlue

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