#216: A real conversation about the growing division in this country.

EP. 216 | 03SEP21 | A real conversation about the growing division in this country.


I want to set a clear and reasonable expectation… you don’t own me or how I think. Every single person is different. We were not raised the same way, we grew up with different cultures and nuance. We learned from different people, and most importantly… there is no connection that we share that allows either of us to control what one another thinks. I have been doing this little experiment for over a year now and I have come to 2 very troubling conclusions.

1. Both sides are never going to be respectful, agree, to be open to other ideas other than their own. Even more difficult to understand is the fact that the other side almost expects this from their opposing side of the aisle, but when one of the people disagreeing is one of their own? They are even more viscous and quickly cast out that person. I think this is due to not only do they disagree vehemently, but it is coupled with a delusional sense of betrayal.

2. The media and current political system wants it that way.

Let’s get into it and explore some uncomfortable realities.

Tonight on an all new Don’t Unfriend Me!

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