#214: Biden has dishonored the fallen before.

EP. 214 | 01SEP21 | Biden has dishonored the fallen before.

I saw the image of Joe Biden checking his watch. I was incensed and immediately wanted to come on the air and destroy President Biden for the third time the week. I had had enough and was outraged like most of us were. Now a few people felt I was defending Biden, which I wasn’t. I was simply trying to focus on the 13 lives that were lost and with the evidence I had… felt we were splitting hairs and overreacting to a situation that already ripe with blatant negligence.

But I was wrong. I found another incident at Dover from 2016 where Biden insulted and flirted with a member of the serviceman family who died. This will make your blood boil!

Tonight on an all new Don’t Unfriend Me!

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