#213: I pledge allegiance to the LGBTQ flag of America?

EP. 213| 31AUG21 | I pledge allegiance to the LGBTQ flag of America?

It wasn’t so long ago was it? Just yesterday? Last week? Hell, it couldn’t have been 30 years. It is hard to believe. I have very few memories as a child that would strike me as monumental in my growth mentally and physically. I was a late bloomer, opinionated, and didn’t have a smidgen of talent to speak of. Like most kids I had a hard time understanding it all and finding meaning in my studies. It just seemed so monotonous and arbitrary.

What happened to our Teachers of yesteryear? Pledging allegiance isn’t the problem after all… it was the wrong flag. You have to see this gross disrespect to parents everywhere.

Tonight on an all new Don’t Unfriend Me!

#Pledge #LGBTQFlag #gillingsworth

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