20MAY21 | Crabs are smarter than us? Russian pipeline. Vaccine lottery.

Episode #156: Joe Biden lifts sanctions on Russian Pipeline. The hypocrisy runs rampant with this decision. The interesting thing is that everyone, and I mean everyone agrees that it’s a bad decision… even Joe Biden.

Professors now say that we need to not lower and degrade the intelligence level of animals below us on the food chain. Are crabs equally as smart as humans? Well one pseudo-scientist thinks just that… only the Left can be so ridiculous.

Have you played the lottery lately? Well you can play the lottery in NY soon… just because you get vaccinated. The Left is off giving away more taxpayers dollars in an effort to get the state vaccinated. A string of bad ideas are oozing out of NY and so are the citizens fleeing from the stupidity.

Tonight on an all new Don’t Unfriend Me.

#pipeline #crabsaresmart #vaccinelottery

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