19APR21 | You don’t need a gun. Mad Maxine wants it to burn. Cuomo… no the other brother.

Episode #139: BLM is buying up property faster than the thimble, dog, car, and ship. They certainly didn’t pass go and also didn’t let their supporters in on the action. Is this movement a fraud? A money grab? A scam? Yes… and I show you why.

When a criminal comes in… follow these 7 gun free steps, then follow these 12 steps to become a bleeding heart democrat. A surefire strategy to become completely arbitrary and useless.

Last but not least. CNN is dropping faster than trousers on prom night. Chris Cuomo, (the dumber brother) is at it again and says our white children need to be murdered for police reform to take place and to get white people to care. Going full Hunger Games seems a tad extreme…

All new tonight on Don’t Unfriend Me!

#ImpeachMaxineWaters #ChrisCuomosucks #BLMPropertyHunter

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