18MAY21 | Vaccinate kids? America Divided. Guns win in Supreme Court case.

Episode #155: Should we vaccinate children as young as 5 years old? How do we trust the CDC, WHO, and FDA? These are the same people who said to double mask, don’t eat eggs, no eat eggs, don’t eat eggs, but take aspirin! Are we setting our kids up for failure after 1 year of nothing but the same?

America Divided is just a euphismim… it is a stark reality in todays climate. Why are we so entrenched and unable to see past our own ideologies? How can we avoid being the mirror image of the opposing party, and more importantly, how do we move forward right now?

The Supreme Court unanimously defending the Constitution and our 2nd amendment just a few hours ago. In a pivotal case that would have a resounding impact on our future, the SCOTUS voted 9-0 in opposition of this liberal gun grab attempt.

Tonight on an all new Don’t Unfriend Me.

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