17MAY21 | Money for your kids? Hackers are modern day Pirates. Pay your debt… debtbeats!

Episode #154: Free money because you have kids? Well the Biden Money Machine is doing it again. How does more free money sound to you? This time every month and up to $300 per kid. Who pays? How it impacts you. All the details in this segment.

Pay your debt… after all you earned it slacker. If you go to college, why should I have to pay? If we do pay, we should receive a portion of that freeloaders earnings for their entire life. We were raised with ethics, responsibility, and that our word was the most important thing. Yet we encourage and abide by this generation and the politicians who enable them.

Lastly, sail the seven seas… or at least the information super highway. Moderna day pirates there be on the internet and they have their eye on booty. No not porn, something larger… information. Our privacy and privileged information is available in the digital landscape, and these modern day buccaneers are taking no prisoners.

Tonight on an all new Don’t Unfriend Me.

#hackers #freemoney #payyourtuition

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