#168: Nurses don’t matter. Flag Day. Hillary suiciding again?

14JUN21: Law enforcement officials in Alabama are investigating an apparent “suicide” by the reporter who broke the bombshell story in 2016 that former President Bill Clinton secretly met with then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch on a Phoenix tarmac in the run up to the presidential election while his wife, then-candidate Hillary Clinton, was under federal criminal investigation.

Houston Methodist made national headlines earlier this year when it announced it would require its 26,000 employees to be fully vaccinated against the coronavirus by June 7. "Those who are not vaccinated by that date face suspension and eventual termination," the hospital said in a FAQ page published in April. The hospital's policy also contained exemptions for workers with sincerely held religious beliefs and certain medical conditions, including pregnancy.

Stuck between Memorial Day and the Fourth of July, Flag Day often gets overlooked.

Perhaps not completely ignored, but Flag Day isn't celebrated as much as other holidays associated with our nation's beginnings.

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