#167: 1619 Project. I’m done with COVID. Socialism is here, don’t kid yourself.

11JUN21: Have you heard of The 1619 Project? It was published by the New York Times in August of 2019. It won the Pulitzer Prize for Commentary in 2020.

Its thesis: The United States was founded in 1619, when the first slave was brought to North America. Wait—that brings up some questions…

It’s been over a year since COVID restrictions began going into effect in states and counties across the nation. Although some of these restrictions were reasonable (and temporary) measures designed to keep hospitals from being overwhelmed, others seemed arbitrary and bore little connection to health and safety. Here are the most ridiculous examples of overreach across the nation.

When most people think of intolerance, they imagine a racist taunting a black person. Or they think of the white supremacist who killed a demonstrator in Charlottesville, Virginia. It seldom occurs to them that intolerance comes in all political shapes and sizes. Sadly, the kind of liberalism we used to know is fast disappearing from America. While the intolerance of the far right is well known, its manifestations on the far left are less known and often not fully acknowledged.

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