#163: How not to be fat. Gun and comma. Critical Race Theory.

04JUN21: Being fat isn’t something you have to live with. But you need to do some things in order to begin your journey. It isn’t a shot, or a pill, or magic surgery. A new injection has been approved by the FDA and it is another scheme to rid you of money. I go over the 20 steps that at least a few may help you.

What does the comma mean in the 2nd amendment wording? Who is a comma responsible for the division around this issue. For over 200 years there was zero dissenting opinion… until now.

Lastly, Critical Race Theory is a toxic novelty opinion that has gone mainstream in an effort to blame a single race. Isn’t that the definition of racism? A famous TikTok creator nails it with a heart-warming video messages America. A must see!

All new… tonight on Don’t Unfriend Me!

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