#162: Fauci is caught. Gretzky is the GOAT. Freed slaves and Union Soldiers.

03JUN21: Dr. Fauci is on the hot seat with his inadvertent support of Wuhan. Rand Paul is on the hunt and thousands of emails are out because of the Freedom of Information Act. Taking the Doctor to task and outing his previous stances and contradictions galore.

A Lt. Colonel made reference to freed slaves during the Civil War. He was immediately muted and censored. But why? What if everything he said was true? I break open the books and bring you the truth since censorship is the way to maintain disillusionment.

Wayne Gretzky versus everyone else. I make the case in regards to the “Great One” and his cut above the rest of the sports world.

All new… tonight on Don’t Unfriend Me!

#TheGreatOne #FreedSlaves #FireFauci

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