#161: Tebow and God. Are gun sales causing violence? Pride… is it a sin?

01JUN21: Tim Tebow is a man of God. Kaepernick is a man of thew almighty dollar. The comparison is being made however and I don’t like the attempt to smear Tebow. I dive into Tebow and why he deserves a chance and Kaepernick deserves nothing.

Are gun sales leading to a heightened number of gun violence? Or is this a direct result from Liberal policies and the call to defund the police? More people are buying guns now more than ever. Why? The Left think its because of intolerant racists arming themselves for war… we just like our guns.

PRIDE is a focus for the month of June. I tackle the topic of PRIDE is a sin and ride both sides of the line in an effort to help create understanding, a little controversy, and generate emotion. Let me know how it goes!

All new… tonight on Don’t Unfriend Me!

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