#160: Memorial Day Tribute. Cicadas are everywhere! Millennial gets pummeled by 73 yr old.

28MAY21: Memorial Day is a day for reflection. I take you back to a childhood memory that is engrained with honor, admiration, and deference for our Veterans and Flag. A testament to John Wayne when we were younger is still with me till this day. Join me for a touching tribute to our fallen.

Billions of periodical cicadas are expected to emerge across 15 states in the coming weeks. If you look at tree trunks, they're already coming out in East Tennessee. But the masses of cicadas aren't even the strangest things about them. These ancient insects have a lot of secrets.

A knife-wielding burglar had a shock when he attacked a pensioner in his home - and discovered his victim was a retired boxer. Photos of the train wreck that ensued and a hilarious recount of the event that has to be shared and heard.

Tonight on an all new Don’t Unfriend Me.

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