13MAY21 | Border wall is back on? No more masks CDC says. HR 1 election heist is toast!

Episode #152: The border wall is a contentious topic for both sides. Joe Biden has sworn that he will not expand on the wall at all. Then how come 13.6 miles is being worked on as we speak? They say its because of flooding due to a levee… that must be a seriously long levee. Lets see if this is a cover-up or a convenient excuse.

HR1 had the potential to destroy our election process as we know it and allow Democrats to take full control of our election process. An unlikely and equally unifying Republican minority stood their ground to fight this overreach. Also a well-known stooge of this show actually did their job and gets some credit from me.

Lastly, masks of shame are almost over. The CDC has stated that masks are no longer necessary for vaccinated people. Of course this is a ploy to get people to get the vaccine, but will local business and cities follow suit?

Tonight on an all new Don’t Unfriend Me.

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