12MAY21 | Biden and the eCONomy. Gas shortages and hacking. Israel is in it for the long haul.

Episode #151: Joe Biden is going to destroy our economy and the signs are not the only thing indicating this is inevitable. His reckless spending and sweeping Executive Orders are bombarding our recovery. I discuss what we can expect in the coming months.

Hackers are claiming responsibility for the pipeline shutdown, and who doesn’t think it is a clever excuse for the raising of gas prices? Either way I dive into the latest news as restrictions on gasoline continue through the eastern seaboard and southern states.

Israel is hated by the Left and I have covered why before. But tensions are rising in the Middle East and Biden is standing pat with being a casual observer. I go into why the Left is wrong and continue to spread lies about the Jewish State. Along with their constant protection of Palestinians who are responsible for what they say they despise.

Tonight on an all new Don’t Unfriend Me.

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