09APR21 | Will Gun Control work? What has BLM done now? The economy is starting to collapse.

Episode #134: Is it possible that BLM is actually partially responsible for the death of black youth in America? Tonight I review an unpopular but honest account of the numbers. As the Chauvin case begins to take shape, the inevitable truth is that riots are on the way, no matter the outcome.

As Joe Biden begins his attack on the second amendment, more legislation that is a token effort, will never work. I go through the numbers and show you the futile effort that is the gun control effort. This is different than other episodes… it isn’t a defense of guns, but rather the persecution ion the gun control effort.

Biden has now spent more than any other President in one term, let alone 3 months. Why? Because the economy is now in a downtrend and Democrats believe frivolous spending will cover the fact that they have zero plans to stop it effectively. All tonight on Don’t Unfriend Me!

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