05APR21 | Biden most progressive in history? Guns are safe and here is why. Media bias is now in the

Episode #131: Joe Biden is on pace to outspend President Obama and Trump combined. We all knew it was going to happen… nobody thought it would be in his first year. See how Biden has moved from a Moderate to a Progressive in a little over 9 months.

Jen Psaki is at it again. She is the worst Press Secretary the Nation has seen and that is as unbiased as I can be. However, she does let stuff slip. She confirms that the Biden Administration is a one hit wonder and will not go after guns this term. They know they will have a challenging midterm and an even more contentious election.

Lastly, a Circuit Judge actually takes on the media bias and makes a strong case to start holding the 4th Estate accountable. All this and more… on Don’t Unfriend Me!

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