04MAY21 | Principal paddles student. Trump social media ban. Fact vs. emotion.

Episode #148: A Florida principal decides to paddle a student in front of the child’s mother. This has created a large debate about corporal punishment. Is it ok to spank your kids? Does it scar them for life? I talk about my own beliefs and challenge you to let me know your thoughts.

Fact or opinion? Sometimes a strong mixture of both is needed to establish your point. How do you balance both to make a profound and compelling argument? Well I don’t know, because I tend to lean on one and not the other sometimes. I go into how we can get better by flexing the muscles we want to grow.

Donald Trump has been banned from social media since January and a final decision is coming from Facebook. What is the real threat? Is it freedom of speech? Is it a sound decision? What has to happen to create the beginning of the discussion again? Because we are at the end of civilized conversation and Social Media is to blame.

Tonight on an all new Don’t Unfriend Me.

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