04APR21 | New Mileage Tax! Emigrant cleaning lady now at NASA. Pete Buttigieg gets caught pandering.

Episode #130: Immigration is single-candidly what our country was founded on after we declared our independence. It propelled us into greater things than we ever imagined. Tonight I tell you a story that is inspiring and captures the spirit of risk vs. reward.

Pete Buttigieg is a woke environmentalist, or is he? HE gets caught riding 2 blocks to the White House to get a photo-op that will help the narrative… but there is a surprising catch.

Lastly, COVID is a killer. We were told to stay home and be safe. We were shamed for questioning anything. Now the numbers are in… and the Liberal narrative isn’t lining up with the numbers. Happy Easter and join for me an all new Don’t Unfriend Me!

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