03MAY21 | $15 bucks an hour for fry cook? Go woke, or go broke. Sex trafficking in Oregon Democratic

Episode #147: The Liberal policies are always about spending your way into bankruptcy. But now the new regime wants to increase minimum wage to $15.00 an hour. A horrible idea that will cripple middle America and small business alike.

Oregon has turned into something unrecognizable and to one Democratic lawmaker, his life is about to turn upside down. Sex trafficking is a real and horrendous crime, and to see an avid supporter of sex trafficking legislation, is not only sad, but somehow unsurprising.

Lastly, I will never be woke. I believe the woke culture has turned into something barbaric and is one of the root causes for the division in America. What does it mean? Is it an idea, or a way of life? Could it be causing more harm than good. I make the case that it is all of the above… tonight on an all new Don’t Unfriend Me.

#woke #oregonsextraffiicking #minimumwage

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